Libs pick up their own order paper question

Hey, Liberal Research Office, help yourselves to anything else you’d like on this blog.

Globe and Mail, Feb. 4:

“Following Haiti’s earthquake last year, rather than delivering aid as quickly as possible, the Conservative government wasted $27,000 on single-use backdrops, conveniently coloured Tory blue, when they were coordinating a response to the earthquake,” Liberal MP John McCallum told a news conference.

“To put that in context, it’s about 55 times the income of the average Haitian.”

This blog, Feb. 2:

According to recently released documents, the extravagant backdrops were used only once, when Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon hosted the Ministerial Preparatory Conference in Montreal on January 25, 2010.

The department paid $26,534 for the backdrop – about 55 times the average gross national product for a Haitian person.

The banners were rendered in Conservative Party colours – medium blue, with red highlights – and bore the slogan, “Strength in union.”


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