Alleged Rather attacker paroled but, Kenneth, the frequency remains unclear


For years, I have been watching closely the progress through the New York State penal system of William Tager, a North Carolina man who shot an NBC technician outside of the broadcaster’s studios at Rockerfeller Plaza in 1994.  Tager plead guilty to 1st degree manslaughter in 1996 and until last fall, had resided at Sing Sing Correctional Facility on a 12 1/2 to 25 year sentence.

(The Tager case was unusually similar to the 1995 homicide in my home town, Ottawa, of CJOH TV sportscaster Brian Smith, who was shot by a paranoid schizophrenic man he never knew. To this day, the security booth at my employer, the Ottawa Citizen, has a photo of Jeffrey Arenburg, since paroled, posted in case he decides to pay a visit.)

What makes the Tager case fascinating, however, is its link to one of the strangest events in modern media history  –the apparently random and unprovoked attack on CBS anchorman Dan Rather, in the foyer of a Manhattan apartment building in 1986.

During the attack, one of the assailants — Rather claimed two men beat him — repeated a question that Rather said was, “Kenneth, what is the frequency?”  No one was ever arrested or charged in the peculiar incident and Rather was unable to offer an explanation of why he was attacked or the cryptic question.

The Rather incident was the subject of an R.E.M. song of a similar title.  R.E.M. singer Michael Stipe described the attack as “the premier surrealist act of the 20th century.”

But after Tager was convicted of killing the NBC technician, a court-appointed psychiatrist who had examined him told New York newspapers that he believed Tager was responsible for the Rather attack.  Dr. Park Dietz told the New York Daily News there is “no question that it was William Tager who  assaulted Dan Rather”

Rather was shown a photo and positively identified Tager. “There’s no doubt in my mind that this is the person,” he said.

The other man allegedly involved was conveniently discarded as the New York tabloids decided that Tager was responsible.  Some theorized that because Tager was Jewish, the bizarre phrase uttered during the assault might have in fact been, “Goniff, what is the frequency?” — goniff being a Yiddish word for thief.  That Tager had committed the attack was never again questioned, except in a brilliant, satirical piece in Harper’s that fingered novelist Donald Barthleme.

Tager never got a chance to respond. He wasn’t charged or tried for the attack and never commented on it publicly. To this day, his role in the Rather attack is merely an allegation.

Rather sings "What's the Frequency, Kenneth" with R.E.M.

A few years ago, I personally wrote to Tager at Sing Sing and asked  him about the Rather allegation. No response.

In October, the New York States Department of Correctional Services website showed that Tager, now 63, had been paroled. I filed a request under the New York State Freedom of Information law for transcripts of his parole hearing. Was it possible, I wondered, that he was asked about the Rather allegation by the parole board? Maybe he copped to it, I thought.

Unfortunately, as you can see in the response posted below, Tager never went before a parole board hearing. He was granted a “limited  time credit allowance,” which is a sort of good-behaviour clause that allows early release, given conditions for release, and left prison on Oct. 27, 2010.

From the Parole Board documents below, we know that Tager is again living in New York City and probably in Manhattan. He is not allowed to drive a car. He cannot drink and can’t set foot in a bar. He must undergo substance abuse testing and counselling. He has a curfew set by his parole officer, and gets mental health counselling.

But what we still don’t know is whether William Tager was author of the strangest incident in the strange career of Dan Rather.


20 thoughts on “Alleged Rather attacker paroled but, Kenneth, the frequency remains unclear

  1. Just a little correction. Dan Rather worked for CBS, not CBC.

    ” –the apparently random and unprovoked attack on CBC anchorman Dan Rather,”

    • I some information on William Tager. I worked for his brother in Gastonia N.C. right after he was sent to prison.

  2. I actually knew Bill Tager briefly in the late 80’s early 90’s.
    In 1988 he and I played together on a men’s 30-and-older baseball team in Charlotte. He was a bit out of shape to be a baseball player, and a bit of a big hulking guy, but he was decent enough to be our 3rd-string catcher. He seemed like a normal guy. There was never any mention of Dan Rather, New York or radio frequencies. He did mention that years earlier he was hurt in an ultralight crash. If true perhaps that is where his head got messed up. he wnt to another team in our league the next season and seemed to disappear a couple of years after that.

  3. The answer you seek is here (in case you haven’t read this yet)

    “No Doubt in Rather Case,” New York Times, November 5, 2004. There’s a link through Rather’s Wikipedia page, footnote 55.

  4. i want to know what it is that allowed a convicted murderer to allowed parole. There are people that are in jail, for longer sentences that have committed lesser crimes. I would like to know how someone that is my so-called step brother was allowed out of prison for killing someone in the Boston area, and somehow climbing out on the roof to avoid whatever he got himself involved in Then came to florida and scared my brother. Then showed him CIA identification to scare him even more into not saying anything. Is able to break into cell phones as though they are channels and threaten people and get away with it. Is able to torture me so much that the person that lived with him for five years before I met them was so scared she would not even sit in the car with him on the way to Columbus in 1964.
    You have to consider that the phrase that Dan Rather is afraid to even mention anything about today is related to something Kenneth Anger found out when he made movies outside of hollywoodland, about hollywoodland. He got so much dirt on Hollywood though that someone is able to keep things as they are.
    What is the frequency is related to resonance or sol frequency. A frequency even Tom Bearden found out about, but put it in a different way.
    Unfortunately, Mr Tager thought that had something to do with a tv or radio frequency

  5. Bill Tager took the rap for a wealthy quasi-celebrity who felt defamed on a 60 Mins taping.” What’s the frequency, Kenneth ” refers to Rather’s questioning an aspiring journalist who agreed to speak to this person while wearing a two way wire, but who was given away feedback from the device alerted the wealthy individual and the attempt to turn the off the device actually turned up the sound.The young journalist never got his break into big time journalism as promised. Rather was going to use the information gained to confront the individual for the shock value – reaction on his face – and then Rather would move quickly to another area. As it turned out the segment never came close to being aired but Rather several times talked of going to the Police with what he knew, hence the beating. Bill Tager had nothing to do with the beating but agreed to do the shooting in exchange for having a six figure gambling debt forgiven. Rather then couldn’t link the beating back to the wealthy subject. The shooting was not supposed to end in a fatality, unfortunately it did, but Tager kept his end of the bargain and did 15 years without saying a word. Rather would look like an idiot if he now came out and said he knew who was beind the beating, and wouldn’t reveal it at the time. Tager had some confidants in prison and he was semi-protected,(Tager wasn’t exactly your typical inmate), the story got around. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

  6. Obviously, Mr. Tager is/was a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL (TI) because I have been studying all that I can find online about these phenomena for a few years now and I can easily recognize him as such because of all the “goings-on” inside his head in that that’s what is done to TIs by the utilization of some sort of [unknown to the general public] ability(ies)/power(s)/technology(ies) by those entities/people whom have chosen to “target” him with this kind of domestic terrorism which boils down to criminal harassment/tormenting/victimization. Here’s what I think happened (i. e. what was going thru Mr. Tager’s mind/thought process at the time of the beating): Essentially, at the point in time wherein Mr. Tager and the other assailant attacked Mr. Rather, Mr. Tager had either been convinced [by the voices he heard inside his head] or [by convincing himself within his own head/psyche] that what he was/had been experiencing therein/for-while (i. e. the hearing of sounds/voices inside his head) was “electronic in nature”, and therefore, was most likely/probably some sort of (radio frequency) which was being beamed directly inside his head [in order for him to be the only one to perceive it] and/or it was some sort of signal (radio frequency) which was being broadcast, and in turn, he was somehow picking up that signal [in order to be perceiving it inside his head], and therefore he was asking: What’s the frequency?… (i. e. what is the frequency number(s) at that point in the RF band (i. e. on the dial), which you and your cohorts are broadcasting on/at, in order to do this to me – i. e. put noises/voice inside my head). Mr. Tager was asking this question in hopes of maybe being told that numbered frequency (by Mr. Rather), and then, he could try to pick up some sort of transmission on that frequency (by some other electronic means) in order to try to find/record/possess some definitive PROOF in regards to what he had-been/is/was experiencing/perceiving/hearing for so long and this is/was the fact that he could hear/perceive noises/voices inside his head), which no one else could perceive/hear (supposedly), and he wanted to prove that he WASN’T hearing/perceiving these noises/voices BECAUSE HE WAS CRAZY/SCHIZOPHRENIC/DELUSIONAL and the like, which is what everyone around that TI will try to have him/her believing/thinking about yourself because they are “in-on” the gang-stalking plan/multi-stalking plan aimed at YOUR demise as a TI, he is/was hearing/perceiving those noises/voices because “the powers that be” (i. e. entities/people with the ability to do so) have the ability(ies)/power(s)/technology(ies) to do this sort of a terrible thing to someone whom they wish to “TARGET”. So, because Mr. Rather (and later-on the shooting of the cameraman on the TODAY show) both worked in the broadcasting industry, Mr. Tager felt that they were/are involved in the scheme to “target” him, and therefore (WOULD KNOW THE NUMBER OF SUCH A FREQUENCY), but, Mr. Tager’s anger got the best of him and he “acted-out” (violently). Even if these men working in the broadcasting industry had no personal knowledge of the PLAN being enabled/enacted/executed against/upon Mr. Tager, they still have enlightenment to know what is/was happening to him as a TI (because I’ve personally seen enough evidence which detail(s)/prove(s)/show(s) that all people in the broadcasting industry are “privy-to” these phenomena), it’s just that they can’t/don’t/won’t admit to having such knowledge (because it is used in a criminal manner) and it cannot be proven in a court of law. Now, that brings us full-circle to show the fact that Mr. Tager was most probably just trying to obtain knowledge in order to find such definitive proof (which COULD then be used in a court of law) of the TORTURE being carried out against/upon him. You see, no other scenario(s) make(s) any better sense for all this to have happened and for Mr. Tager to have acted in such a manner, especially when considering the philosophy/principle(s) of Occam’s razor.
    PLEASE look up the key words of Targeted Individual (TI), gang-stalking, multi-stalking, gaslighting, street theater and any other related words/jargon/lingo you may find therein and you will find/see the true answers to this case and other cases involving Targeted Individuals (TIs) like this one. My own web site(s)/blog(s) will be published shortly which examines these phenomena in great depth and detail and that site is at THX CJ

    • They owe me for 30+ years of torture and that should add up to a plentifully big pot, or I can turn up the juice and really make it worse!

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  8. This is all fabrication. We all knew the man wanted to know the radio frequency that Dan Rather got his instructions from Moscow on.

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